At Elsie Rose Keepsakes we specialize in handmade DNA keepsake artistry, creating pieces as unique as you are

Jewelry designs handcrafted with love, made from your very own unique inclusion materials such as breastmilk, hair clippings, a loved one's ashes, baby's umbilical, encapsulated placenta, natural elements, and much more

We only work with high quality materials to ensure your piece is something you will be able to love and cherish forever

We are a 100% handmade service, which means everything you see within our shop has been produced in Ontario by local jewelers, individually hand crafted and put together especially by Jamie

Mama Necklace

Our hanging MAMA letter necklace is the perfect way to empower yourself or any other mom in your life!

A Mothers Love...

“I was so excited to see that Elsie Rose Keepsakes was offering locally made breast milk jewelry! My breastfeeding journey with both daughters was complicated & tough - birth trauma, tongue ties, pumping, supplementing, the whole gamut. With the support of many, I nursed my first for 20 months & have been nursing my second for 4 months with no end in sight! I decided to order a ring to celebrate and honour our journeys and serve as a constant reminder of what I’m capable of”