Jewellery Care

All our breastmilk & keepsake jewellery is made with a high quality resin which is very resilient but requires a certain level of care.

Jewellery should be removed before bed, bathing/showering, any water based or physical activities. Sweat, chlorine, cleaning products, perfumes, creams or oils, silver tarnish cleaning products or extended exposure to light/sunshine could lead to compromising the integrity of your jewellery and could cause tarnishing, breakage or discolouration.

These are "keepsake" pieces and are not designed for everyday wear. To keep the stone from dulling as well as keeping the setting in perfect condition. 

 Cleaning Your Jewellery 

A silver gold based polishing cloth can be used on the metal parts of your piece however never clean the resin component of the jewellery with these cloths, they can be cleaned with a plain soft cloth.

 Storing Your Jewellery

Pieces should be stored away from natural light, heat sources and in a lined jewelry box or tarnish resistant pouch. Do not store in areas with high moisture.